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Armor Defense Inc.



Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Robohead, Asana, Trello, Wrike, and more


In my role as the Creative Director, I took a hands-on approach to leading successful marketing, branding, and creative projects. ​


Leadership, Brand Management, & Creative Operations

  • Managed the in-house creative services team, external contractors, and creative agencies, successfully developing marketing solutions through graphic design, website development, email marketing, social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), editorial/copywriting, video marketing, demand generation, and paid social ads.

  • Increased new user acquisition by 25% through implementing new digital marketing strategies, resulting in improved company web presence, social media, and SEO.

  • Implemented project management tools to create clear goals, processes, and improved structure, resulting in a culture of resourcefulness, measurement, accountability, and upskilling. Managing up tp 1500 projects yearly.

  • Restructured the project intake process, resulting in a 45% increase in efficiency and scalability of creative production.

  • Managed the annual $400K creative services budget, providing strategic direction and oversight to the CMO.

  • Designed the new experiential corporate brand identity, including a new color palette, icon library, website design, photo direction, video direction, collateral design, and brand guidelines.

  • Populated and maintained a brand library, saving 20-plus hours of design time per project.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Participated in the initiative to develop new inclusive Company Core Values in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, C-Suite, and other key stakeholders. 

  • Developed and executed internal and external communication campaigns to promote the new Core Values. 

  • Promoted cultural awareness and inclusion by spearheading efforts to highlight holidays and important events throughout the organization.

I can't speak highly enough of Marci's abilities and leadership. She's an effective and encouraging manager, always advocating for her direct reports and helping us each to reach our goals and manage our workloads efficiently. She strikes a wonderful balance of allowing her reports freedom to manage their own projects while also ensuring that each task is completed on time and held to a high standard. Her management style and creative skills truly can't be matched!

Marci is also a joy to work with, always professional yet bringing a fun energy and personality to the table that boosts team culture. She's approachable and genuinely cares for people, especially her team, on a personal and professional level. An incredible person all around,


I'm lucky to know Marci - and you would be, too!

- Grace Lee, Digital Marketing Manager

Marci is one of the most effective leaders I have worked with in my career. Not only is she highly skilled in the creative process, but she knows how to lead and drive her team towards a common goal.

Some of the key elements t
hat stand out about Marci includes:

  • Marci’s knack for process management and improvement. This ability has allowed our teams to flawlessly execute projects time and time again, especially those with short timelines and resources.

  • Her ability to gain the trust of individuals and our entire marketing team. I am truly impressed at how she constantly observes, listens, and gives sound counsel – including to me.

  • Her work ethics are bar none. In line with her ability to execute, Marci rolls up her sleeves to ensure projects are delivered on time and with the best of qualities, always.

Marci leads by example, has a high EQ, and is always willing collaborate to ensure success for the organization. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and know she will deliver great results for any organization she belongs to.

- Ike Nwabah, VP of Marketing

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