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Thomson Reuters

Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and more

As a highly skilled Graphic Designer at Thomson Reuters, I had the privilege of crafting visually captivating marketing materials that captured the attention of potential clients. My responsibilities included designing a range of marketing materials such as newsletters, sales collaterals, presentations, websites, email templates, infographics, and trade show booths. I worked closely with regional and international marketing teams as well as internal departments to ensure that the marketing and internal communication materials were aligned with the company's goals.

Collaboration was a key aspect of my role, and I worked tirelessly with these teams to write copy and design materials that effectively conveyed the intended message. Through my work, I was able to create marketing materials that were not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing.


  • Graphic Design: Redesigned the company's blog, digital/print marketing materials, email templates, product websites, trade show graphics, white papers, and brochures.

  • Process Efficiency: Implemented a new digital asset management system, resulting in a 30% increase in performance.

Marci is a very talented graphic design professional. She is able to turn around assignments in a timely manner, while also creating the highest standards of quality. She is well-versed in branding and understands its constraints, as well as where the envelope may be pushed. Her innate understanding of space, color, and layout enables me to have full confidence in her results and her recommendations as well.

I value working with Marci to provide design and imagery to our clients. Her mood boards offer varied approaches to a challenge, respectful of the client's requests. When asked to "just come up with something," she understands the business unit and never fails to offer solutions they are pleased with.

While Marci demonstrates confidence in her work, she is also easy to work with and is open to taking suggestions and direction easily. Working with her is a pleasure and I'm honored to collaborate with her on a team.

- Tiff Cochran, Marketing Manager

Marcia is a superb graphics professional with great design skills. She is creative and works great under pressure in a fast paced environment with lots of moving parts.

- Lori Jones, Marketing Manager

Marcia is very easy to work with. She quickly (and correctly) can determine the visual concept for a campaign and create materials on time, on budget, and looking great to boot.

- Susan Hoey, Copywriter

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