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HiRuna Designs

Client: HiRuna Designs, LLC
Product Launch Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Premium Body Care Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Offset Printing

Software: Adobe Creative Suite

Role: As the Creative Director at HiRuna Designs, I had the exciting task of leading the company's visual branding and creative marketing efforts. My role was to create a marketing strategy that would attract potential customers and effectively communicate the brand's values.


I was tasked with creating the brand's identity, which included crafting the company's tone of voice, designing visual branding, art-directing product and lifestyle photoshoots, creating videos, developing the website, and designing a wide range of marketing collateral. Each design element was carefully crafted and refined to ensure its consistency with the brand's overall aesthetic and message.

My goal was to create a cohesive and consistent visual identity that would resonate with potential customers and effectively communicate the brand's values and message. As the Creative Director, I worked tirelessly to ensure HiRuna Designs stood out in the marketplace, and that its visual identity reflected the company's unique personality and style.

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