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Vital Fitness

Client: Vital Fitness

Software: Adobe Creative Suite

Role: As the brand designer, I was given the exciting challenge of developing a brand identity for Vital Fitness. This personal training team, which is owned and operated by women, is committed to helping women achieve their fitness goals in a supportive, empowering environment. 


In order to create a brand identity that truly captured the essence of Vital Fitness, I focused on a couple key elements. One element I focused on was strength; I wanted to emphasize the importance of heavy lifting and nutrition that supports muscle growth and overall health. This approach runs counter to the many “girly” fitness brands that are marketed to women, and instead empowers women to find their inner strength and push themselves to new heights.


By focusing on heavy lifting, nutrition, and empowerment tailored specifically to women, I believe we have created a brand that truly embodies the spirit of female fitness and wellness.

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